Halo Encyclopedia – The Definitive Visual Guide – DK Books

Are you a die-hard HALO fan? Do you go to the game store on Halo day to be the first in line to get the latest game?!?

If you are one of these people, you will definitely want to have this book for your collection.

This book has everything you either knew or wanted to know about HALO up to the latest HALO release ODST, and the whole universe.

  • Full colour photographs
  • Intricate step by step detailing of characters – why the wars were started, vehicles, weapons, etc.

Nick loves the weapons and the descriptions and wishes he had a few of them in his collection.  He loves the different groups as well as the differences of races not only described in full detail but in the games as well.  The images of war scenes on every single page, the informational boxes, the timelines of each and every district.  The close up of the people of these regions aren’t so bad either, as well as the protocols for each region.

DK Books

Here is a glance inside HALO Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide –

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