Fan of True Blood on TV ?!? Check out this New Release

My good friend and fellow publishing peep Becca Wilcott has JUST came out with a brand new spanking book for you to go ooh and aahs over if you are one of those True Blood die-hard fans.

Truly, Madly, Deadly – The True Blood Companion hit stores on the 1st of June. I believe just in time for season three.  So, if you have wanted to know just about everything (I had a quick peek inside the book) about the characters, the people behind the characters, the insights of everything True Blood, along with some quite funny dialogue and other fun facts.

I have to say Becca did a darn fine job compiling all that information about the show, watching all of the episodes and getting other information that will make this book a best-seller !!

ECW Press

Becca’s Blog online

True Blood Site online


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