The Alison Dare Blog Tour is here !

Alison is one of those really cool kids that you may happen to come across in school.  Her mother is a world renown archeologist, and her father is sometimes called “The Blue Scarab” when he isn’t in costume as a super hero, he raises Alison while his wife is off on some dangerous, secret archeological mission to uncover artifacts.  Alison has been on more than just a few adventures.

From her school, she comes across clues from her parents travelling, and with her friends assisting her on solving various mysteries, she not only has fun, but, learns some pretty cool stuff along the way.

Alison also has the tenacity to break rules and actually getting away with it…Don’t you wish you could be more like Alison? I know, I can see you nodding your head yes!

I personally loved these two books.  The first book Little Miss Adventures was originally published way back in 2002.  But it has made its re-appearance on the cusp of the release of The Heart of The Maiden, which was released at the same time that Little Miss Adventures was re-released which was about a month ago.

Sure, there are scary monsters, clues that need to be solved, and to find the truth always, J. Bone has the way to incorporate all of this along with learning something all in a graphic novel – who’ve guessed!?!

Nick my son loved these graphic novels far better than a regular novel.  They are short, sweet, and to the point.  It didn’t hurt that they were graphics as well.  He found it more enjoyable and easier to read as well then a conventional book, but as he says they are good too.

I did have quite a cool idea to go along with the tour, but at the last-minute J. Bone wasn’t available to be able to do it, so, I am not going to spill the beans about what we had planned, but, it still could happen in the fall, so hopefully, fingers crossed it can still happen, stay tuned !

These graphic novels are appropriate for kids between the ages of 8 and 11 years of age !

Alison Dare – Little Miss Adventure

Alison Dare – The Heart of The Maiden

Alison Dare Double Dare Blog Tour

Here is a small sampling of what is inside both books –


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