Lover Mine – J.R. Ward

**Warning** – Book contains sexually explicit content

This is one of those books that if you are craving a bit or a lot of “Brain Candy”, going to the beach for the day and want to relax this is the book for you.

Full of action and adventure, this is book 8 in the Dagger Brotherhood.  It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.  I personally read it as a standalone.

In Caldwell, NY among the darkest alleys and corners – A conflict of epic proportions takes place.  The Vampires and their enemies are about to fight like never before.

John is one of the Warriors.  When he finds out that one of his enemies has abducted a female he wants to bond with, he is out for vengeance, revenge, and only to smell the death os Darius.

The brotherhood’s answer to the call with not only brute force, but with a passion to save one of their own.

Xhex is the one that John loves, but since she is a sympath, her feelings are pushed away from the surface, so she can fight, she isn’t acknowledging her feelings for John, she knows they are there, she is afraid if she does she will turn into one of those touchy, sensitive people; she is definitely NOT one of those.

Does John get what he wants the most out of life, or does Darius take it all away from him,read the book and you will find out.

Penguin / New American Library

J.R. Ward’s Website – pretty neat if you ask me!


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