We Are All Made of Glue – Marina Lewycka

What does this cover say to you? Fun, an Interesting, witty read? Well, you cannot always judge a book by its cover, and this is such an example.  True, there is a comical vibe to the book, but also a seriousness to it as well that is balanced perfectly in my opinion.

Georgie has just separated from her Lawyer husband.  One day while tossing out her ex’s taste in music in the form of vinyl, she comes across one of her more quirkier, eccentric neighbours Mrs. Shapiro.  Did I mention she was eccentric?

She is what you would call a bargain hunter of sorts.  Always following the person in the grocery store who places the half price stickers on about to expire meat and ready-made food products, to combing the neighbourhood looking for what one person would think is trash, while she thinks it is just another hidden treasure that she has saved from the trash collector before collection day.

After their encounter at the street, and then again at the grocery store ( you guessed it, following the lady around for the “real deals”) Georgie receives a phone call from the hospital saying that Mrs. Shapiro has been admitted and she was listed as her next of kin. She has asked Georgie to pick up some of her clothes at her house, and to sneak one of her cats in for a visit.  ( Did I happen to mention that Mrs. Shapiro had cats…must have slipped my mind completely)

Anyways, as she is doing her good deed and helping Mrs. Shapiro out, a social worker unbeknownst to her is also scoping out the house for a possible quick sale when she deems Mrs. Shapiro unable to return to her home and must live in a retirement residence.

Georgie quickly finds out that this is common for Real Estate agents.  Being inventive is their middle name.  They do just about anything to make the owner sell the house quickly, they fix it up, and flip it as fast as they can for the largest profit.  Talk about being taken to the cleaners !

Georgie is facing other issues as well at home.  Her son is acting differently.  Searching the internet at all times of the night on certain “religious” sites is a red flag for sure.  Once she finds out the whole truth in the middle of having a torrid afternoon love affair with one of the estate sellers whose sexual preferences are getting a tad experimental, she takes stock of what needs to be done right away, kicks him to the curb, and not only makes a wide range of new friends, other than her online work buddies, she learns more about herself, her family, and the true story behind Mrs. Shapiro.  It truly is something more than just an overcrowded, musty smelling house.  There is a love story behind every item.

Laugh out loud funny with good lessons in it for all of us about love, life, friendships, people you definitely shouldn’t trust, along with an actual mystery of the huge gorgeous home, a love story that travels from the Middle East to England, and beyond.

Penguin / Viking


2 thoughts on “We Are All Made of Glue – Marina Lewycka

  1. I just read this book and fell in love with it – all of it! What a wonderfully delicious read. I loved the subtext and the various nuances and the political jabs and especially the fact that people kept calling Georgie different things! What a great read.

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