SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble To The Rescue – Aviva Goldfarb

Have you ever had one of those days where it has been so hectic you haven’t had time to have a nutritious meal ready for you and your family that would have taken more time to prepare then eat?

This is the book for you.  The Six O’clock Scramble is for those busy families that want nutritious, easy and quick dinners that are not only all of these things I mentioned but they are Earth friendly as well as promotes locally grown produce without spending a fortune.

Sounds even better right, too good to be true? Well, I am not lying in the least !

This book contains more than 300 recipes that take 30 mins or less to prepare, with fewer than 10 ingredients, there are also quick side dishes that compliment the main courses.  Vegetarians don’t fear! There are options for you too.  There are ideas for school lunches, after school snacks, dealing with your own picky eater, and most of all making dinnertime fun.

And as an added bonus (yes, I just said bonus) when you purchase the book, for a limited time you will receive a free trial subscription to the online meal planning system.  Her website is filled with even more ideas that you will find in the book, along with real people asking Aviva questions about healthy eating.  So, what are you waiting for?!?  Oh right, what we made from the book…well, here it is – We decided (me and my son) after we post it noted just about the entire book of what sounded interesting or just plain yummy we finally decided to make the Philadelphia Cheese Steaks on page 234.  We also made the side dish suggestion of a Tropical Smoothies to go along with it.  We we absolutely stuffed beyond stuffed! It tasted great, and trust me after the day we had on friday being so busy, we needed this quick and nutritious meal done quick and easy.  That is exactly what it was !

These are the ingredients we used

The Tropical Smoothies were really thick and such a great thing for a hot and humid summer evening

Our dinner from start to finish less than 30 mins ! We couldn’t even finish them all

Six O’clock Scramble website

Macmillian – St. Martins Griffin

Join the six o’clock scramble on Facebook

Add Aviva on twitter and maybe she will answer a question you have

I do have a feeling that this book will be used in my home for a very long time.  My son who is 12 wants to try so many of the recipes, I will probably have to buy a new one when this book is worn out.

Tomorrow, Aviva will be answering questions in one of my infamous Q and A’s, so stay tuned.

I do have ONE copy of the Six O’clock Scramble to giveaway, so leave a comment with a valid email address and tell me why you would love a copy of this cookbook !

Giveaway will end on JULY 9th, 2010

Good Luck !


4 thoughts on “SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble To The Rescue – Aviva Goldfarb

  1. i’m always walking in the door later than i planned with everyone staring at me wondering what’s for dinner….and i’m tired of chicken breasts!

  2. I HATE preparing meals, especially ones that take forever and include a zillion ingredients. This cookbook seems like it would not only help me add to the small number of things I can/will cook, but also save me time. And those smoothies look delish!

  3. Marci, I am so glad you and your son enjoyed the cheesesteaks and smoothies! I hope you find many more recipes in the book to enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing it with your many readers!

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