Double Post – The Dakota Cipher and The Barbary Pirates – William Dietrich

If you are a fan of historical/action/adventure books with some great writing, then you have found your author for that.

I had read The Rosetta Key and Napoleon’s Pyramids about 2 years ago, since then there have been 2 more added to the Ethan Gage Adventures.

The third in the series is entitled The Dakota Cipher, where Ethan who should have learned his lesson the first few times he befriended Napoleon Bonaparte, the US and British armies to be able to further his investigations around the world.  This time Bonaparte has asked him to return to the United States to check o a place called Louisiana ( which isn’t yet a state, or really a part of the US).

Accompanying him is Norseman Magnus Bloodhammer who is on a quest of his to find out if some of the land was first inhabited by the Norse.  (there has been big speculations about this as to who came first).  Whether the Native Indians, the Norse, the French or British came first.

So, after befriending some French Canadians that are doing fur trading in the lush area where fur can be found and then traded and then sold to be made into luxurious garments – yes, the mayhem that is Ethan Gage begins.

In the latest escapades of Ethan and all who accompany him on his adventures, have all said it; Ethan gets himself into more trouble than he can handle, and then some.

He is journeying across the seas this time once again for treasure of sorts, a mysterious dome.  Guess who is hot on his path once again, yep, the Egyptian Rite.

As he travels the canals of Venice, the caves of Santorini, the dungeons of Tripoli, to meet treachery on the high seas of the Mediterranean.

His long-lost love Astiza whom he lost while in Egypt miraculously returns with such a surprise that Ethan cannot even believe until he is put to the test.

The real historical fasts in each and every novel is one of brilliance.  To be able to write about a place so far in the past is one of long hours of research, and a creative monsoon of sorts.  Oh yeah, and will he be able to destroy the Egyptian Rite once and for all?

The Dakota Cipher Browse Inside

Harper Collins

The Barbary Pirates Browse Inside

Harper Collins


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