Torn From Normal – Martin Bartloff

Happiness is a disease happy people suffer, I suffer my own diseases, but happiness isn’t one of them

Andy has the typical adolescent life.  His mom stays at home while his father who is a long-term trucker makes a living to support his family, albeit, from a distance.  Sure, Andy misses his father when he is away, but he cherishes the times when he is home and able to spend time with him.

Then tragedy strikes…

As the unexpected death of his father, he thinks that he isn’t worth anyones love.  Through his grief, Andy takes it out on the people who are closest to him trying to deal with this exhaustible loss, that even he cannot seem to get a handle on.

It is when another tragedy strikes that he believes for a fact that God is against him.  Randomly wandering towns, not willing to face reality, he befriends a group of people that he really shouldn’t.

This helps him meet an angel of sorts…

Danny and his father seem to almost rescue Andy from the group he has been hanging around with after one of the boys robs Danny’s father.  Danny has had many step brothers before, his father being foster parent, mostly to beaten up, emotionally spent youth.  He accepts them for who they are while slowly turns them around to feel like they matter.

Andy is sent to his Aunt’s to live, but even the situation there isn’t as perfect as they all think.  On a trip to Germany, Danny and his father find out Andy has run off.

Will Andy’s dream of living with Danny and his Father finally come true?

I liked this book.  The underlying issues make it an interesting, but, possibly a difficult read for some that are sensitive to the subjects talked about.  This is a young adult for ages 13 and up, it will not be for everyone, but heartfelt, honest, and true to the message.

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