Promises To Keep – Jane Green

Steffi and Callie are sisters. One older than the other, they have taken different paths is life.  Callie is happily married and has 2 adorable children while Steffi ( the younger one) hasn’t really settled down and figured what she wants to do with her life.  Always going from one thing to another, that also is true for her taste in boyfriends as well.  She’s the happy-go-lucky sister.

Exact opposites right?

Their parents are divorced, both totally different from one another – Their father has been remarried more than once, and his last wife was so much more than what she seemed at first.  Their mother re-married as well, her husband passing away about a year or more ago.  Their parents are so un-amicable toward each other ( their dad more so) cannot even stand to be in the same room with one another and just act to get along with one another.

Promises to Keep is one of those novels that will keep you reading, commiserating, laughing, and absolutely crying that you have shrugged off that you have been meaning to have.

It is about the decisions we make, willingly or not against our better judgement, learning from our mistakes and moving on, being a child long after you have grown up, and most importantly how families and friends love one another during those devastating times and what it means to everyone personally.

I was surprised with Jane’s most recent work.  I had previously read Dune Road and it wasn’t one that converted me to be a new fan.  This one however, has made me that fan.

Penguin / Viking

Jane’s Website


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