Annabel – Kathleen Winter

I urge you to read this novel, such a compelling read with so many relevant issues in it that it would be a wonderful book club book.

Jacinta and her husband Treadway are having their first child.  Thomasina, is the midwife during the birth since they live in remote coastal Labrador, too far to travel to give birth in a conventional hospital, but close enough to travel to a larger center for other things.

They all aren’t quite ready to face what will happen next.

The baby is born intersex, meaning that it has both male and female genital organs.  You may have heard about these people  being called “hermaphrodites”.

After the child is born, it is decided that the baby will be a boy named Wayne, but in the days before the decision, the dilemma and the anguish trying to decide will be as hard as anything that will happen in anyone’s life.  Deciding the fate as you will of another human being for the rest of their lives.  Will it be the right or wrong decision.

As Wayne grows up, his father is determined to raise him as his father did.  Being able to fish, trap, building things, being able to take care of his family.  Treadway wants to move on, attempting to forget the condition his son has, not having to think about it.

Thomasina and Jacinta nurture Wayne’s feminine side in secret.  Although, the feminine side is readily apparent after watching female synchronized swimming on TV on afternoon.

Will Treadway come to terms with his son’s femininity?  Will he accept Wayne for who and what he is?  Will Wayne come to terms about his condition once it is told what it is ?  Will Wayne be ostracized once other know?

I was not only intrigued, but glued to the pages as the story enveloped me.  Being raised in a small town myself when younger, there was always someone who knew more about the people who you interacted with on a daily basis, some secret that wasn’t supposed to get out, scathing or not.  The access to health care was also a major point of curiosity as well, will the secret be revealed from someone who works there?

I could only have thought fear for Wayne while reading.  Being he is from a small, remote, native area where sex and stature in the community is everything during the different seasons of the year when it pertains to feeding and raising your family is important.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask the Author Kathleen Winter some questions about the book, as well as I have a giveaway as well for ONE copy of her novel courtesy of the wonderful people at House of Anansi.

So, I will post the Q and A tomorrow, as well as the giveaway, so stay tuned !

House of Anansi

National Post review

The Globe and Mail review

Kathleen’s Blog


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