Truth – Peter Temple

Truth is the sequel to The Broken Shore.

Inspector Villani is head of the Victoria Police Squad.  His work is his life, and his life is his work.  Although, he does have a family, they take the back seat in his life.  Well, everything does.

The sorrow he sees in his job amid the blood and chaos of finding the guilty follow him on those long summer days.

The politicians who scheme add to his plate.

As a woman is found dead in the cities newest and most posh building that also houses a casino, hotel and luxury apartments.  Since the security within the building wasn’t working properly, Villani and his crew of detectives must start from the beginning, working from scratch to find out who killed her and why.

Finding the person responsible is a minefield of politics, the filthy rich, and bad cops all rolled into one.

Villani’s quest to do a good job, one without mistakes, do the right thing has his life coming apart at the seams all at once.  As tragedy seeks him out in his personal life-like the wildfires burn across the state that threaten his own forest in the countryside.

If this is the first that you have read of Peter’s work, you may not find it engrossing as you think.  First of all, the Aussie vernacular is quite different from what we here in Canada / US hear.  Secondly, this is the 2nd book of a sequel, so it may be best to read the first to get a better background on the characters / plotlines before reading this one.

But, it was terrifically written, full of action not only solving the case, but in Villani’s personal life as well.  It examines how a man who dedicates his life to his work and everything else falls by the wayside – his marriage, his kids, his family members to be able what he does and does it well, skirting the line between what is right and wrong all the while skirting the political line.

Random House


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