The Book Of Human Skin – Michelle Lovric

If I told you that this book is about unmitigated villany, love beset by obstacles, quack medicine, christian fundamentalism with a side of Napoleon Bonaparte all while taking place in the early 18th century would that spark your attention?  Quite possibly yes, and this is what the book is about.

From Venice to colonial Peru in the midst of the small pox epidemic these 5 characters tell their stories about the same one in their unique voices, one by one.

From being beautiful, cripple, madwoman, nun, and then what she’s always wanted to be – A wife to a poor Doctor and mother to her children that once took care of her.

The Problem?!?

Her older brother whose  villany has caused one sister already to die, a mother holed up in her room, a father to abandon his “original” family to leave for business in Peru to have a 2nd family and die all for the family fortune.

Told between these 5 different people, Marcella, her brother, an artist friend, her poor doctor, and a servant who can see everything in clear view, but cannot tell anyone as fast as it is happening.  They tell the story in their own words, which not only brings hilarity, but the whole picture together – of how these people who helped Marcella manoeuver her way out of her brother’s grip, for her to fully live her life to the fullest and how she wants to.

Oh, and there are a few books mentioned…made of human skin too

Interesting, Hilarious, Scary, Engrossing



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