How Did You Get This Number? – Sloane Crosley

In Sloane’s 2nd foray into the publishing world, she not only gives us food for thought, amongst a few laugh out loud moments in between the chaos that is her life.

From the klepto/anorexic roommate, to the stock guy at the furnishing store that she can’t definitely afford, to her adventures around the world Paris, Portugal (in the off-season) and what does she encounter but a bear – UM HELLO?!? not to mention Alaska for a wedding ( might I add, where she is SO out of the elements!)

Her optimism, boundless charm, yes, personal triumphs and failures, wait? did I forget the boyfriend that’s already had a girlfriend for like NINE YRS ?!?

I mean how can someone, anyone, be so funny, smart, intellectual and still sane after all of that – maybe crazy is in these days.

I loved her sense of fun in the midst of the situations she has encountered, being the person screaming or loudly thinking “Tell him what you REALLY think, but, as a grown up person would – walked away (secretly I wished she would have gone ape on him…)

I could wholeheartedly agree with a lot she had written, thought about, about certain situations that she was dealing with, nodding my head up and down or just plain laughing out loud ( which you absolutely must do in certain situations)



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