The Help – Kathryn Sockett

I am probably the last person in the universe to have read this book.  Even though it is still on the best sellers list.

When Skeeter returns home from graduating College, from her mother’s perspective she is missing something – A wedding ring.  Not only that, but, her long time nanny / housekeeper isn’t there as well – Constantine who is gone, not even a word is said about her, or the circumstances why she left.

Skeeter is left with a huge gaping hole in her heart.  What makes the pain so virulent? No one will even tell her what happened or even where she is.

Abilene is a maid and is in the process of raising her 17th white  child.  Since her son was killed, something hasn’t been the same with her.  The woman she works for is one of those southern socialites, who, knows everything and anything about the people where she lives.  Abilene is so dedicated to her latest charge, she realizes that both of their hearts may be broken.

Minny is Abilene’s best friend.  Known not to keep her mouth and her nose out of people’s business, she’s lost yet another job.  When she does find a position, it is to a new family, that wants to be a part of society, but doesn’t know why she is being left out.  The secrets are just the tip of the iceberg.

Skeeter manages to bring all of these women together in a seemingly at first secret book she is writing.  She wants to become a writer, an author of books.  This book will not only break open the maids employers lives, but bring together some women who you wouldn’t imagine to come together.  Lines are crossed, secrets are revealed, people who were once friends won’t be friends any longer, others will come together.

I loved the interaction with the main characters.  From the beginning of Black’s gaining more rights, from the old ways breaking free to new rights, the truth setting you free, and the love that these maids show towards the children that they raise although they aren’t their own, I was intrigued and sympathetic to how and what they felt.

It is about how we view one another, how the town is changed, the way women which ever you call yourself – mothers, daughters, friends, caregivers view one another with the pain, the anguish, humour, hope and rebellion.

Every woman should read this book.

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4 thoughts on “The Help – Kathryn Sockett

  1. You aren’t the last person to read it– at least half my book club hasn’t read it yet, but we’ll be changing that soon!

    I agree with you, every woman should read this book. It’s that good.

  2. Nope. I still have this one sitting on my shelves. If you can imagine, I’m considering whether to teach it or not in my Popular Fiction class, which means I have to get to it and read it soon! 🙂 I’m glad that it gets another good recommendation though.

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