Yes, this is a RANT! PLUS UPDATE !!

About 2 months ago, I was installing a program on my laptop that well screwed it up.  I bought the laptop BRAND NEW just over 2 years ago.  Now, it did start to give me a bit of trouble at around Christmas time, where I just dismissed it, and soldiered on.  My wireless wasn’t even recognizing I even had wireless on my laptop.  Kind of hard to post stuff when your laptop doesn’t even recognize that you have wireless to connect to right?

Well, this latest problem, is from Software.  I had contacted HP through technical support to see if I could receive FREE recovery CD’s since the TECH told me that the recovery CD’s that I had probably weren’t working properly.  Then he went on to tell me that they (the CD’s were FREE, but wanted me to spend $40 to pay for FED-EX to deliver them. Um, do I hear a HELL NO !

So, after I called and talked to I don’t know how many people, I finally get a male I am guessing Corporate guy was more than happy to send me the CD’s for FREE without charge to me.

Problem solved ….RIGHT?!?   UM, HELL NO !!

After attempting to use THEIR recovery CD’s which DO NOT WORK, I take my laptop to my computer guy here in town, give him the actual cd’s they gave me for him to see what in the world was going on…


After I give it a week or 2 to make sure my guy takes a good look at my laptop, which if you haven’t already noticed I love and adore…and the absence of posts since the laptop has been at the computer guys shop has decreased…THAT’S WHY.

I have back problems, I am more comfortable not  sitting at a desk for hours at a time when researching, posting, chasing down stuff that I use to use in my book reviews.  I had called HP like 150 times already, explaining in detail what the problem is – Laptop has overheating issues, the recovery cd’s do not work the way they are supposed to, which really fried my laptop that I paid over $1400.00 for.

One time I called and talked to a customer (tech) support guy and he tells me – “Oh, no worries Mam”  We shall be happy to replace or repair your laptop at NO CHARGE” <– Remember this…the best is yet to come..  Then I reply, even though My laptop is out of warranty” ?!?  He responds absolutely, and then transfers me.

This is where the bottom drops out…

I talk to an incompetent tech support person who has absolutely NO idea what he is talking about, I then get transferred to a supervisor from a completely different department, hung up on, the whole worst case scenario you can think of…three hours later I finally or at least I think that I am at the right department, they transfer me to yet ANOTHER dept.

Can you sense just a little frustration happening on my end?!?  Yeah, I knew you would..

A lady takes my information, the serial number, the product number for what it seems to be the millionth time, I am not kidding they ask for this stuff EVERY TIME…She then tells me that since it wasn’t the actual computers that they had done a recall on, they wouldn’t be able to offer me anything..After I tell them what the tech guy told me – (free repair/replacement) She transfers me AGAIN to a big whoopee do “Case Manager” of Escalations where after I go through the same spiel I have been going through for the last 4-5 days with a hundred other different people, he tells me this…

The only thing that we would be able to offer you is 25% off repair (this is after I have already spent $500 on repairs) OR an extended warranty on any NEW HP product.

I nearly choke on what I am drinking..


I have been a loyal HP customer since 1997 when I bought my first computer.  Since then I have beamed at the quality and service I have experienced from HP when it came to taking care of a brand new computer and its fan that had died 2 weeks after buying it.  I have bought printers, scanners, ink, you name it, because I thought this company would have my back if I stayed a loyal and true customer.


I then escalated my complaint to a “Senior Case Manager” and I stick to my guns and say because that tech support guy told me I would receive a free replacement or repair, I should receive it.  She apologizes like this is absolutely nothing and still tells me that b/c of the warranty expired she can’t do anything to help me.


Am I really asking for too much here ?!? I am asking a large company to stick by what one of THEIR representatives told me, I am not making this up.  Even when I ask if they can pull the recordings (cause they warn you of the fact that you may be recorded for “quality” purposes”) I am told no they can’t because it is a different department, and even then they have no way of tracking the call if it was recorded.

WTF !!!

Anyways, do you agree with me that HP should stand by what they told me (free repair/replacement) or do you think that I should just toss the $1400 piece of crap off the top of my stairs and abandon the quest…

UPDATE – I emailed Apple earlier today, they just emailed me back, I will be contacting them tomorrow morning…fingers crossed !!!
UPDATE #2 – Hp Called me this morning, they offered me a repair for $281.00, I am sticking to my guns….I am frustrated beyond what I was already frustrated.  I have already spent $500 not including the 4 HDD my computer guy went through….sigh I feel like I am talking to a brick wall, and I keep hearing the same things over and over again like a broken record…


11 thoughts on “Yes, this is a RANT! PLUS UPDATE !!

  1. OMG! What a awful thing you’re experiencing right now! HP needs to stick to their guns and offer you a free laptop! This is making me think twice about buying anything else from them. You should email this post to their executives. I hope you get the laptop you were promised.

    • That would be really great if I had a name and a email address. They are SO secretative about those sorts of things, they don’t want you to know anything about their business practices, when in fact they should be transparent about what they are doing.

      I just thought I just bought a Antique sewing machine from 1921 for $69. They sure don’t make things like they used to anymore, it is all about getting more money from you from manufacturing shoddy items to break so you go out and buy more crap … what about the environment, what about global warming ??

  2. yes you should get a replacement but you won’t because they are a big company and you are just 1 tiny fish
    you’re out money and brain cells…now figure out a way to buy a new laptop from a GOOD company..and be sure and explain what you just went through to them so history doesn’t repeat itself!

  3. What is wrong with companies now a days ?? It is like they changed from being democratic to being totally socialist and communist and only out for themselves. Like Russia was before it turned democratic and a free country.

    I think that should change, back to where the customer meant something to them…

  4. I used to work for a large company in their telesales/customer service department (not HP), and I have to shudder at all you went through. Where I used to work, this was all too common. If a customer was ranting? Promise them something that you can’t deliver, then transfer them to a mystery department. Some reps (not me) would even deliberately drop the call. It’s not something that we were taught to do, but something that we did after getting no support from our higher-ups in the area of customer service. That’s what the company gets for hiring $10.00/hour employees, I guess. Sad, but true.

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of this. My advice? Buy a new laptop, I have a hunch that HP isn’t going to stand by their product. They probably figure that yeah, they lose one customer, but they’ll gain another one somewhere else. Thanks for sharing your story with us, though, because I’m in the market for a laptop and after your experience? I’m going to skip looking at HP altogether. It just doesn’t seem worth the hassle to me.

    • I used to work in a outbound call center as well, I used to get 2 types of people the nicest ones or the nastiest ones. We did surveys, most of the time it was ok, but once in a while I got a real nasty person, so yes, we had their number and the Sup would take it down, I don’t know what she did with them, but at least she took them down.

      It was a crappy job too, not that I didn’t need to money at the time – I just got back my son after that nasty custody battle with his dad, and was saving to move back to Ontario from B.C., at the time, I just needed the money, even though I could have transferred anywhere the company was. I had so much abuse even from my fellow employees it was madness, even from one supervisor she was like 19 and thought b/c she was a supervisor that she could treat us like crap she could

  5. unfortunately this is the problem with calling for service…call centers are decent paying jobs..they get umpteen million resumes..they hire any joe blow from down the road and stick him on the phones with minimal training..I used to work in this environment..Its easier to just pass off to another person..hope the customer will get frustrated enough to never call back. Its horrible.

    Ditch the HP. Get a MAC 😉

  6. They should stick to what they’ve said, but they probably won’t, so you should probably chuck it and get something different. We used to like HP products too, but noticed a sharp decline in quality a few years ago and have given up on them.

    • I did too after getting my laptop. The cover that holds everything is PLASTIC. The left hand side where all of the ports are CRACKED 6mths AFTER I bought it.

      Funny thing too, I just a bill from Fed Ex saying I owe them $15 dollars for them delivering me the recovery cd that I was told were free too..I told the Senior Case Manager about this she got really interested. I told her in no uncertain terms, I didn’t want the money back, it was already paid for, I just wanted my laptop back

  7. Sadly now a days Marci customer loyality means diddly squat with companies. They could care less how long you have been a loyal customer. I have encountered this problem way too many times in the last 15 years.

    Curious to see how it goes with mac. Good Luck

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