The Double Comfort Safari Club – Alexander McCall Smith

Oh, how I absolutely LOVE these books !  Mma Ramotswe and her Assistant Mme Makutsi are on a few cases again in this lovely, lovely series the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

This time, Mme Ramotswe is enjoying her new marriage, raising their foster children.  Her husband remarks at how clever his wife actually is one day while trying to help one of their friends and neighbours when her car has died on her way to another town.

Precious Ramotswe is contacted by an American lawyer who has a very precarious case for her – she must find a guide that helped an American woman many years ago when she spent time st a safari.  She is now late, and part of her remaining wishes was that she wanted to bestow the guide that answered all of her questions and showed her different things while on Safari a gift.  Of money to show her appreciation.

Then as always, there are a few more situations that happen along the way as well.  I am so impressed with Mme. Ramotswe and her ability to ascertain information just like that.  She has this uncanny ability to get to the meat and bones of the dilemma that is hampering her clients or friends or even just close acquaintances and give eloquent answers.  I miss the show so dearly that they had on HBO, that I can still picture the actors and actresses that portrayed the characters with such authenticity that I hope that there are new episodes soon !!

I love the this particular part in the book –

Having the right approach to life was a great gift in this life.  Her father, the late Obed Ramotswe, had always had the right approach to life — she was sure of that.  And for a moment, as she sat there with her friend, with the late afternoon sun slanting in through the window, she thought about how she owed her father so much.  He had taught her almost everything she knew about how to lead a good life, and the lessons she had learned from him were as fresh today as they ever had been.  Do not complain about your life.  Do not blame others for things that you have brought upon yourself.  Be content with who you are and where you are. and do whatever you can do to bring others such contentment, and joy, and understanding that you have managed to find yourself.

Then there is this —

You can do that in the company of an old friend–you can close your eyes and think of the land that gave you life and breath, and all of the reasons why you are glad that you are there, with the people you know, with the people you love.

Just eloquent, true, genuine feelings.  That is why I love these books so much …

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