Jessica Z – Shawn Klomparens

Jessica is a 20 something living on her own in San Francisco.  She’s got quite the cool job doing publicity for businesses – advertising, making up ads, the works.  She has good friends and for the most part she’s happy.  In this somewhat of a tenement building she lives in she got her one friend living above her and one below her, so really the perfect situation.

Her boyfriend / lover lives upstairs, but a lot of the time he is either down at her apt, or she is  at his posh one upstairs.  Right now they are on the outs with one another since she put “rules” on their relationship if you would call it that, I believe it is more of an understanding.

While the rules are “on”, she is upstairs at one of Patrick’s parties when she meets a lithographer, who is not only charismatic, but he captures her in an instant and surrounds her in his world of passion, art, politics, and desire, when one she wonders what she is missing, or who she wants to be with…She is feeling just a bit closeted.

At first, her new boyfriends ‘eccentricities’ excite her, but after a while it seems as though he is more neurotic.

Then there is bombers that are bombing San Francisco, among other cities in the US.  Should they all be scared, since one person they already know has been killed by a bombed bus.  Everyone is looking over their shoulder.

Even Jess…

Jess starts to doubt, to re-examine her relationship – from joy there is fear, shes thinking her decisions she has made recently haven’t been the greatest when it comes to her boyfriend.  With all of the strange things he does, is he really the person she thinks he is …

As she’s pondering, the one question comes to her mind – Is she really missing something, How far would it take to get what she has always wanted and how much would she have to pay for it.  In the end, will she get what she has ultimately wanted all along?

I have to say I was curious about this book when Canadian Author Catherine McKenzie asked me to take a look at this book and the next one that Shawn has written Two Years, No Rain, which is coming right after this review.  He has the ability to un seemingly bring you into his story, tie you up so well, that you cannot put it down for even a minute.  He has all of the angles covered, even a few I was surprised I didn’t think of – romance, dilemmas, a bit of danger thrown in just to make it interesting.  To make a perfectly different type of book then what is already out there.

Now, Catherine has a really fantastic group on Facebook where if you join the group, buy the books, and show Catherine proof of doing so, you will be entered in a draw to take place I believe it is August 15th, 2010 for a KINDLE.  So, go out to your favorite bookstore or online at any of the major retailers – Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s order your copies, show her proof and there you are entered.

Random House

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Shawn’s Website

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