The Passage – Justin Cronin

Absolutely Spectacular !!

Don’t be daunted in the least at the size of the book.  At a hefty 784 pages, this book will have you reading long into the night while flying through the book so much you won’t be able to put it down.  I know I had a really hard time doing that… putting it down.

It wouldn’t hurt either that Stephen King calls you in the middle of a nationwide interview on Good Morning America to gush about how good it is right?

A unique book that brings together some old and new concepts that are effortlessly welded together.

The Government is doing an experiment that intends to lengthen soldiers lives while in battle becomes the Andromeda Strain meets The Stand.

In this futuristic tale, a young girl is in the middle of a virus that has infected 12 men no one else would have paid attention to, given their circumstances.  But once the experiment goes terribly and horribly wrong, the American population starts to become infected by these “Vitals”, and it seems that the country is doomed forever.

The Vitals feed on human blood, they use it to survive, but then those people come back to life as these blood hunting, evil, daunting “Vitals” that only hunt at night.

As time goes on, civilization is crumbling, there are fewer and fewer humans to be found.  Amy, the young child travels across the country having these visions of where she needs to be at a certain time.  Along the way, in a different place, there are some humans that have fought against the Vitals for years, slowly becoming less and less.  Then comes the time that they have to leave their security zone to forage for more supplies.

All in all there are maybe 13 in the group.  Becoming smarter than the Vitals can pose to be a challenge, but as they find their way, they find there are actually more out there.

Amy needs to be at a certain place at a certain time, will she be able to get there? will the others still be alive? Is this the end of the world as everyone knows it to be?  Can Amy complete what she needs to do, before becoming one of “them”?

Now, I came across something interesting, this is not the only book.  There will be TWO MORE BOOKS ! One is being published sometime in 2012 – entitled The Twelve, and the third book entitled The City of Mirrors  in 2014.

Random House / Doubleday

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Find Subject Zero

The Passage Website


2 thoughts on “The Passage – Justin Cronin

  1. oh good, i’ve been eyeing this book for a while and although ive heard a number of good things, its size did seem a bit daunting. i’m happy to know that i’ll probably want it to be very long….really good books SHOULD be made as long as possible so that we have more to read.

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