Two Years, No Rain – Shawn Klomparens

Andy hasn’t had any luck so far this year.  He works as a weatherman for a radio station in Southern California.

His wife recently divorced him after she had affairs, it hasn’t rained in nearly two years, and he’s probably losing his job.

Oh, and he has been more than friendly with a colleague, who tells him about a job where it will change his life.  He auditions for a voice over job, where he does so well they make him the host of the children’s show on yet another obscure channel… That makes him a star not only with the kids he entertains, but the Mom’s as well.

His colleagues flirtations anger her husband, his brother-in-law has just come back from Iraq, and his niece has moved in to take a break from her mom, his sister.  Make sense? Oh, and he’s got no furniture, because his wife took it all when she moved out.

In the scheme of things, Andy is a mess.  In between trying to figure out the in’s and outs of being a newly minted celebrity and being asked for autographs, to his kinda girlfriend doing mind tricks/ games, to his new bosses who send him to Hong Kong where they are in the middle of a Typhoon where he decides to go out and assist a boat when he passes out cold.

What should he do, or better yet, what would be the good thing to do?

In this hilarious, intriguing work from Shawn, nothing is for sure.  Things twist and turn like the weather does in his case.  It shows us that not everything is normal, not everything is cemented into place.  It is just there, for no rhyme or reason.  We just have to roll with it and takes whatever comes to us.

Catherine McKenzie a Canadian Author has a really grand group on Facebook where if you buy this book, or Shawn’s first novel Jessica Z and show her proof, you can be entered into a draw for a KINDLE.  The contest ends on August 15th, so go join the group, get the books from your favorite bookstore or online through Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or even Powell’s, and you are all sat.  How’s that for an incentive?

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