Dahanu Road – Anosh Irani

Zairvos is at a dilemma of sorts.  Modern day, he is trying to get advice from his 90 Yr old grandfather Shapur, but, he doesn’t want to talk about the past.

The past is too painful.

Dahanu is just outside Bombay.  Shapur and his father left Iran in the 1920’s from persecution and possible death for a better life for his small family.

With it came violence, secrets, and a clans beliefs.

So Zairous has to combat the beliefs, the past, the secrets and above all the cultural taboos between two different sects of people for what he finally realize he wants, but isn’t it too late?

From the past to present, the story had me turning the pages until the last one was finished to see what would unfold between what happens in the past and the present.

These are issues that I believe we all still deal with today on a daily basis, but, not on the scale that other countries still do.

Tradegy, love, cultural taboos going against the grain to have what you love, no matter the cost, would you do it, against all of the odds?

Random House / Doubleday


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