My Name is Mary Sutter – Robin Oliveira

How I loved this book, let me count the ways..

At the beginning of the Civil War, Mary Sutter is attempting to gain entrance into Medical School – Overcoming prejudices is one thing, getting admitted another.  Mary being the stubborn one in her family, she wont take no for an answer.  She is a midwife like her mother delivering babies, her mother taught her young, while garnering the reputation as the best and the one to go to another.

Heartbreak enters Mary’s family.  So, she travels down to Washington D.C. to become a doctor – Come hell or high water.

She comes across prominent people – The President, the Head of Nursing and Health, but one or two people will change her life forever.

Two doctors – one that teaches her, and the other from her past who will help train her and on her quest.

Pleas from Mary’s mother persist until Mary does go home for a visit.  The night she arrives, her twin sister is in labour about to give birth to her niece or nephew, but she has come too late.  After this happens, she has lost her confidence, will it ever come back to her to be able to do what she has always wanted?  Will she be able to realize her dreams of being a Doctor?

Loved this book, maybe because Mary reminds me so much of myself in the stubbornness category, and the drive to become a person who matters. and certainly doesn’t take no for an answer.

Her fortitude to become a doctor through dire circumstances, whose legend is known for miles and miles around.  During grim circumstances she does the impossible, war and death surrounds her as she is on the fields that men are fighting for.

This will be a favorite of mine for many, many years.

Penguin – Viking

Robin’s Website

Reading Group Guide Questions

Behind the Story of My Name is Mary Sutter


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