Help Your Kids With Math – DK Publishing

I know, I KNOW !! Summer has nearly ended, and with that comes is I don’t want to go back to school moans we as parents are all hearing.  Even in my home my son is saying “Mom, I don’t even want to HEAR that word”  you know the one I am talking about SCHOOL !

But, we as parents probably are hearing the same things that we used to say to our own, am I right ?!?

Well, help in the MATH department is here.

As it says on the cover of the book ” A Unique Step by Step Visual Guide” they aren’t kidding.  From page one to the end this is chock full of full colour diagrams, explanations, and easy to understand english that will have us as parents just as smart or probably just look smart to our kids then they already think we are! Even if they don’t want our help, they can devour the simple steps to allow them to become the math magician they always dreamed they could be… Well, not really, but it WILL help them.

Even if they don’t understand what their teacher is talking about, I know I had that problem, when looking through the book, even I got it.. on the FIRST attempt.

The book covers all of the core subjects from basic arithmetic to geometry, from algebra to statistics, they can follow it step by step themselves or with your assistance.

It EVEN has trigonometry <gasp> !!

Can I see a show of hands who will be getting this book ?!?

DK Publishing

Here are some screenshots from inside the book –

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4 thoughts on “Help Your Kids With Math – DK Publishing

  1. I like your book but some things that i need help on isn’t in the book some of the measuerments aren’t in the book

    • Hi Jenny, This isn’t my book. I have just read and reviewed it. Those images are just a take a peek inside the book and decide if you would like to buy it. I hope this helps!

  2. I have this one, really amazing book for kids! i try several another books from same shelf but this is the best what I could found.

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