The Truth About Deliah Blue – Tish Cohen

Delilah is one of those 20 somethings who hasn’t exactly found what she wants to do as a profession, and out of life as of yet.  She is an artist, but as a way of affording her passion, she’s gone to modelling nude in art classes.

She lives in L.A. with her father, who lately has been forgetting things rather mor and more, affecting his job as well as his personal life.

Delilah is one of those kids that came from a divorced family.  She’s been told by her father that he mother didn’t want her.  So, her father decided to move to the US, leaving all of her old haunts in a part of Toronto called Cabbagetown behind.  Since then she’s pretty kept to herself, trying to find her way, her passions, until one day at an art studio, someone notices a portrait of her done by the gallery owners daughter, that will change her world forever and then some.

Her Mother…

Her Mother is back in the picture, along with a younger sister, with the truth.

She was kidnapped by her Father, her mother has always wanted her.

Parental abduction is happening more and more these days, a lot of parents are having distrust with the legal system, or of one of the other distrust of the parent.  With the addition of Delilah’s fathers early onset Alzheimer’s, it complicates things even further.

What would you do in a similar case of Parental Abduction?  Would you try to get to the bottom of the real reason, the reasons why?

Tish certainly does write so that you are all comfy into the story, which then she weaves it together that will have you asking questions that you thought you would never be asking let alone thinking about.  Having wondering how or what you would feel if you happen to be in the same situation.

I have read Tish’s Inside, Out Girl as well, she does a fantastic job as always !  Full of insight, serious issues, and a few laughs along the way.


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