Every Lost Country – Steven Heighton

The longer you stare at the mountain, the more it seems a refuge above human borders and distinctions and this constant dialogue of violence.  Up there he’d hoped he and Sophie could step away from the trouble for a while.

Lewis, a doctor who’s travelled the world going from conflict to conflict using his skills as a medical doctor patching the people up that are involved in these wars.

He takes his teenage daughter Sophie on a climbing expedition in Nepal.

As Sophie sits on the border of China and Nepal, shooting starts to break the calm and quiet when a group of Tibetan refugees are trying to flee from soldiers.

Lewis runs, ignoring the pleas of those around him watching this situation go from bad to worse.  The leader of the expedition because he doesn’t want to jeopardize the climb and wanting to be the first to summit Kyatruk.

As Lewis and Amaris who is a filmmaker who is documenting the climb involve themselves and eventually get captured along with the refugees go back into China, the expedition leader continues his quest come hell or high water, while the doctor and the others are involved in their own life or death explosive, thrilling pursuit themselves.

This book was inspired by actual events .

I loved this novel.  What would any of us do in the face of danger? How far or how long would you climb without the appropriate resources and equipment?  When is it appropriate to be just a bystander and when would it be the right time to intervene?

Human failing, what love requires to keep it going strong.  Being a hero, when does life and loyalty demand more, are you willing and able to give it ?

Random House

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