The Madonnas of Echo Park – Brando Skyhorse

Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.  A place where immigrants melt into the population who are legal and not so legal who stand on the street corners waiting for work, when it does appear it is usually – cooking, cleaning, serving, and construction.

Without losing their identity while at the same time trying to capture their piece of the American Dream.

This is the story of Aurora, Felicia, her mom, A Day labourer, a religious hypocrite, and a bus driver.

All of these people meet one another during their times of crisis, their lives in upheaval, or on their way to another chapter of their lives.  Revelations, times of debating moralityvs. illegal status, violence and cultural ego’s divide each other.

An interesting look at a populated area that is changing with the times.  People are moving away to different, more affluent areas, other cultures are moving into the neighbourhood and changing the landscape.  What was once a latino neighbourhood is now multi-cultural, and things change within the confines of the neighbourhood.

Aurora in the end will finally discover her own history by encountering many if not all of these people, like puzzle pieces.  Once all of the pieces are collected, she will discover

The land that belongs to us again.

Simon and Schuster

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