Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer – John Grisham

You most likely know John Grisham for his adult titles, but, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Get ready for his debut as a young adult author!

Theodore Boone is 13.  His parents are both prominent lawyers where they live.  His dad is a real estate lawyer, his mom is a divorce lawyer.

Theo think he is a lawyer as well…

As he attends school, his classmates frequently come to him for legal advice.  From bankruptcy, to animal control issues, he’s usually spot on and no one has been disappointed.  He even goes to court for his friends as well.

This time he sure has a dilemma on his hands…

There has been a murder in their small town, where usually nothing happens.  A prominent businessman’s wife was murdered in their home and the husband has been charged with her murder.

Everyone is talking about the trial…until…

Theo come across someone who knows who committed the crime.  He is too afraid to come forward.

The defendant knows that someone knows something, by way of one of the defendant’s associates.  But will Theo find a way to tell not only his parents and the authorities the truth without betraying confidences? Or will his secret be kept in the dark?

This is and would be a great summer read doe those young readers who like or rather love mystery / detective series.

You remember the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew that we all once love and adored?

This does remind me of those older books the author has written, but is tailored perfectly to the young adult genre, but with a new twist.

Penguin / Dutton Children’s

Read an Excerpt

Fun Stuff that accompanies the book


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