Skin – Mo Hayder

Oh, how I love Mo Hayder ! She is back with yet another Jack Caffrey thriller that will have you glued to the pages until the very end.  I craved more, maybe you will too.

The walking man returns to ask more questions than Jack needs answers to more than the questions themselves.  He also has this uncanny ability to find the walking man never knowing where he is.

A badly decomposing body is found on some railroad tracks with slits to the wrists.  Jack isn’t so sure at first.  Some of the clues and evidence just doesn’t add up.

Other bodies have been found with the same injuries, along with other similarities in underground abandoned mines outside of the city that also have some familiar voodoo aspects.

Flea as she is called, takes it upon herself to investigate on her own after being spooked on a dive in one of these underground mine shafts that have been filled with water before her air line is cut and she passes out.  It doesn’t makes matters any better when she went below the dive limit either.

That same night, Flea’s brother borrows her car for a so-called business meeting.  But Flea doesn’t notice anything until the smell of rotting flesh surrounds her, her alert beacon and where does she find it…in the trunk of her car.

Creepy, Shocking, Thrilling, Scary.  Mo certainly hasn’t lost her touch in the least.

Blood chilling, yes.  Be careful if you experience bad dreams, because these books may make them worse !

But then again, if you are into that sort of thing, then it’s ok.


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One thought on “Skin – Mo Hayder

  1. I love Mo Hayder too! She is a fantastic writer with a sick mind! She sometimes overdoes the issue of Caffery’s brother’s disappearance a little, but this is a minor point compared to the quality of her work. My favourites are The Devil of Nanking and Gone.

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