The Red Queen – Philippa Gregory

I was so excited when I received a copy of the 2nd installment of the Cousins War by Philippa Gregory in the mail.

The previous and first book The White Queen which was published last year was about Elizabeth Woodville.

The Red Queen is about the other queen – Margaret Beaufort, who wanted to be martyr of sorts like Joan of Arc growing up, a nun in the house of God, but all of that was changed forever as her life took a surprising turn.

At the age of 13, she is married off to a man twice her age, widowed after conceiving an heir with him.  The son, who after a year old is raised to become royalty.  She schemes and plots almost effortlessly for her son to become the rightful heir and King of England.

Through the schemes and plotting against the White Queen, the rumours of black magic, wars, and being widowed a second time, Margaret  is still as ruthless as she always has been, but, even more so when she meets and marries Lord Stanley who also has plans of his own to also align with Margaret’s.

Gambling everything she has, even with her son’s life on the line as he lies in exile on this one opportunity, will it work?!?

Conspiracy, passion and the cold-hearted ambition of a woman whose dreams of being what she wanted were shattered, only to be even more determined for her sons dreams to be recognized given the pride that comes from them and the mistakes in the past that have nearly cost them the throne.

Simon and Schuster

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Philippa’s Website

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