A Vindication of Love – Reclaiming Romance For The Twenty-First Century – Cristina Nehring

This is certainly an interesting take on a topic that has been contemplated throughout time.

Each century has its differences, how we think, how we talk, what we talk about – love, sex, everyday matters even how we deal with them has even been changing as time goes on.

Romantic love was and probably is still thought of is “faith”, never reasoned, response as a “fact” and never a carefully constructed “lifestyle choice”.

When the faith disappears, it isn’t always replaced with something higher and reasonable; something lower and more rapid.

It is a double-sided coin for instance.

Men aren’t silly victims of passion, whereas, women are penalized for their promiscuity.

I enjoyed this book even though it will have a different take or meaning who reads it.  Based upon what they believe in and how they were raised.

Did you happen to know that Socrates was a part-time homosexual and it even skewed his view on romantic love?

Food for thought !

Harper Perennial


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