Ice Cold – Tess Gerritsen

This is a Rizzoli and Isles Novel.

Maura is in Wyoming for a medical conference when she runs into a former classmate who invites her to go with him and a group of his friends to a spur of the moment ski trip.

Trouble happens when their SUV becomes stalled and slides into a ditch, stranded during one heck of a snow storm, without anyone in sight.  They happen to come across a small village that looks to be abandoned with an eerie difference – meals sit untouched on dinner tables, cars are sitting undisturbed in garages, like everyone has just vanished without a trace.

But it is when Mauras friends start to worry is when things start to happen.

A SUV is found with remains are found that are said to be Maura’s, but what they fond is a polygamist community, and a deep dark secret that certain people in the area have been keeping for decades.

The polygamist’s leader is killed, more people have disappeared than once thought, much, much more is going on, and to be revealed when a medical pathologist nearly dies while doing an autopsy on one of the frozen buried bodies that have been found.

Random House / Ballantine

Tess’s Website

Read an Excerpt


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