Live To Tell – Lisa Gardner

I have to admit, Lisa is a new and favorite author!

Detective D.D. Warren is on a case, one that will have you chilled to the bones.

In Boston, amid the middle of summer, something unfathomable has happened as families across the city are enjoying the summer heat, sun, and each others company. An entire family has been murdered.

The lone survivor, the father has been rushed to the hospital in dire straits.

What or who could have done something like this?

D. D, knows that there is more to this, and she’s determined to find out everything.

Danielle who is a Psychiatric Nurse working in an acute care facility for adolescent children who are currently experiencing their own psychiatric crises, knows this all too well.  Her passion and love for her job reaches farther than the average person, as well as her love of children.

She has the personal experience behind her from being in a similar situation when she was a child. – Her family was murdered as well, she was the only survivor.

Her past will haunt her again this year as it has been for the last 25 years, but this year will be different.

Then there is Victoria, who is more than a devoted mother to her son who is troubled in a way.  In a round about way, he will be the key to all that is happening to each and every person in the novel, and discovering who is responsible.

Blood curdling, thrilling, secrets that will have you gasping and reading at a frantic pace to the last page to find out who it is, and what connections they have with one another.

Random House / Bantam

Lisa’s Website


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