September is DK Books Month !!

I was going through the books that my son and I haven’t really taken a good look at, when I realized that I had many that came from DK, I thought we just had to remedy the situation.  You know how much we LOVE their books.  I was shocked that we had 20 of them sitting on the shelves, waiting patiently, to be read and adored.

So, I am dedicating the month of SEPTEMBER to DK Publishing  and their awesome books!

When I was talking to the fabulous people I deal with, they mentioned they would also would like to do a HUGE GIVEAWAY as well.  It is worth nearly $90.00 !!

So, what better time to showcase the incredible books they have – It is the fall, where we will be staying inside more, school is getting underway, yes I said THAT word.

All of the books Nick and I will be reviewing are posted in the above thumbnails.  Reviews will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, so be sure that you come and check back often, there is possibly something for absolutely everyone !

If you are looking for one of the books here, just click on the book and it will take you to the review and lots of other great tidbits !

If you are looking for the giveaway it can be found HERE


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