Grow Herbs – Jekka McVicar

** This book was previously published as The New Book of Herbs in 2002 in Great Britain.**

This herb book has a different focus than previous herb books I have looked at.

From every stage of organic herb growing – sowing seeds to harvesting the healthiest, most fragrant crops available.

Jekka also shares her ideas for on using herbs in recipes, in the home for cleaning, as well as for beauty and health.

There are literally hundreds of clearly illustrated and lavish illustrations for more than 100 most popular herbs.

There as I mentioned previously recipes as well as showing you how to use herbs to the fullest in:

  • cordials
  • salad dressings
  • marinades
  • pet care needs
  • herbal remedies
  • first aid
  • furniture and fabrics
  • surface cleaning

The advice in this book I should stress that if you using it for medical purposes, that you consult a highly qualified herbalist and one that is familiar in using herbs solely for this purpose.  Never, ever just go and do it yourself, as it can be harmful.

Do not take any herbal remedies when already under the care of medical professionals for which you take medication.  Certain herbs may cause serious side effects, even death if combined with medication of any kind or herbs on their own as you do not know what or how your body will react.

DK Publishing

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