The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training – DK Publishing

Did you realize that your brain changes over time and how we use it for ?

It is called plasticity

Brain training has been around for ages.  Think about it, we start school when we are 4 years old, but learning and training our brain starts from the moment we are conceived which lasts throughout our lives.  We are constantly learning new things everyday, in new ideas to new places and situations we find ourselves in.

The question remains – does brain training really work? ABSOLUTELY.

Sure it may be hard, takes time, but practice makes perfect as the old adage says right?

So let’s get started!

This little book is literally packed with over 500 puzzles.  everyday for 100 days you complete “daily workouts” which changes from day-to-day.

Then every 10 days, there is a test, so you can see how far you are progressing as you move on, or if you are falling behind, then maybe go back and do some other brain games to catch up.

You can keep track of your progress as well.

Don’t give up ! Your Brain will thank you for it.

Did you know –

  • A Healthy mind and body just isn’t an old cliché – the evidence of physical exercise can help prevent brain deterioration, which is stronger than the evidence that mental exercise can prevent it.
  • Your brain uses around 20% of the total of your body’s energy, which is about 400 calories a day, or a rate of 15 watts, which is the same as a dim light bulb.
  • Your brain has about 100,000,000,000 brain cells called neurons.  If each neuron was a grain of sand, it would fill an average 2 story house!

DK Publishing

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