Ask Me Everything – DK Publishing

My beautiful, Intelligent son is a cornucopia of stats and facts that I have absolutely have no idea where he gets this from. 

This book is one of his absolute favorites hands down, he loves the full colour, the layout, even the quick and quirky facts that have him hooked the most.  The information isn’t half bad either !  It has something for everyone, EVEN adults.

From how large the universe really is to dinosaurs, the human body, nature, places, society, culture, and of course history, this is an all in one book that will have you combing the shelves of your local library getting more information that you read about in this amazing book.

For instance did you know –

  • Why are there telescopes in space?
  • Why storms happen?
  • When dinosaurs ruled the earth?
  • Why flowers look and smell so good?
  • What goes bump in the night?
  • How do you think?
  • How the brain doesn’t feel pain ?(remember that scene in one of the Hannibal Lector movies where he….well, you get what I mean)
  • Why numbers are so useful?
  • What the largest country in the world is ?

This book and many of the other books could be used for…..HOMEWORK and SCHOOL PROJECTS !!! Ok, I think I ruined it for all of the kids out there, but seriously, what a great book !

DK Publishing

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