Eyewitness Oil – DK Publishing

Our world is ruled by oil.  People have used oil for thousands of years, but in the last century we have begun to consume it in vast quantities.  From using just a few thousand barrels in the 90’s to millions now per day, it is now our most important energy source.

It is used as fuel to keep transportation going, and heat needed to generate electricity which we rely on.  It is a raw material which is used by many key substances.  Another thing…it is also running out, and the amount we are using is damaging the environment.

From the beginning to when Oil was discovered in the middle east to the present, this eyewitness book shows us the story behind oil, how it was used in the past to how it is used today, how it is one of the most utilized substances in our everyday lives – think about it, how many things we use on a daily basis that uses some sort of oil product.  There are some that you may not even know that are oil based, and it would surprise you.

Nick liked this book.  He liked the way it shows you how many things are used from oil, and how much is being abused in recent years.  Did you know he thought this was interesting that oil can be made into the print in a book, lip stick, and eye liner.  He enjoyed the full colour pictures and diagrams, as well as which countries are rich because of oil being discovered.  He really enjoyed the alternative sources of energy such as nuclear power, solar power, and of course wind power.

This is one of the updated editions where there is also a clip art cd as well as a full size colour poster that accompanies the book.

DK Publishing


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