Room – Emma Donoghue

Room is Jack’s and his Mom’s whole world – he was born in room, he sleeps in room, he eats in room, he plays in room.

To his mom, sure it may hold precious memories of her and Jack learning and growing together, but it also holds a deep dark secret.

Through fierce determination, spunk and sheer will she has raised Jack as best she could.  When the day arrives that she realizes that Jack needs more than just room she constructs a plan, something, anything, everything that it takes.

This book will have you crying your heart out.  Bearing your feelings on the outside as you would on your sleeve.  It WILL be the most talked about book this fall, or for maybe longer.  That decision is up to you.

I could not tear myself away for even a second.  This book took me on a journey that should only be taken – in a book, a fictional account for sure.  It chilled me to the bone, it ebbed and flowed, it grew into a dream that at first you didn’t think was real, but, once you realized that you were in the middle of this particular dream, it was too late.  It sucked you in, the characters your heart bled for, your soul cried tears of the sheer bravery of Jack and his Mother on their harrowing journey.

Quite unique in the narration you will find in Room.  Emma must have lived inside the character Jack for quite a while.  Her ingenuity of Jack and his character was flawless and complete.  It could be the little boy down the street, it could be any little boy, anywhere.

Room was long-listed for the 2010 Man Booker Prize as it states on the sticker on my hardback copy I purchased, it was just recently shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

HarperCollins Canada – Canadian Publisher

Hachette – Little Brown – American Publisher

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