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When walking through the mall, window shopping as we say, have you ever wondered who invented some of the things that we either use in our everyday lives, or have used those items and how they have evolved over the years?  We sometimes take these things for granted.  But, Ideas that changed the world may change that.

We use things every single day from cell phones to video games to space helmets..well, maybe not really space helmets, but, you know what I am getting at, everything came from a simple idea that now makes our life just a little bit easier.  The people behind them you may or may not be familiar with, but, they have changed out lives forever, possibly for the better.

Topics such as –

  • who created the first video game
  • how a computer geek put the world online, so that you are able to view this review
  • antibiotics that help people live longer and healthier lives, which also help transform the way in which new drugs are developed
  • did you know that the first public TV broadcast could be watched and listened to, but just not at the same time?
  • the first apple computer was made in 1976, while the internet was made much later on 1989?

DK Publishing

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