Lies My Mother Never Told Me – Kaylie Jones

William Morris, James Baldwin, Truman Capote, as well as Kaylie’s father –  James Jones, it  was really something.  The nightly parties as well as being born and raised in Paris, France life wasn’t all that bad.

As the nightly parties increased, so did the alcohol intake.  Even as they moved from France to the United States.   Her Father dies when she is a teenager, her mother’s increasingly  constant criticism, brings on her own problems with alcohol, drugs, and relationships.

The personal struggles, unknown family secrets which come to the surface as Kaylie finds out more about her father’s side of the family.

She becomes sober, stronger and more comfortable in her own skin, Kaylie shows us that there is so much more to life and of course the second chances along with her stubborn determination to be who she is today, who was once broken and lost to determined at last to be happy with her life.

Kaylie is such an inspiration, I was immediately entranced with her story, her journey, and how everything turned out better for her and her family.  Where she found not only her voice, but the life she deserved.

HarperCollins – Harper Perennial

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4 thoughts on “Lies My Mother Never Told Me – Kaylie Jones

  1. I read this fabulous memoir last year when it came out in hard cover. I adore it. I love Kaylie’s writing. This story rivals THE GLASS CASTLE.

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