Look Now – The World in Facts, Stats and Graphics – DK Publishing

Literally crammed full of fully up to date information, this is even a favorite book of mine.

This is the book for you, if you have ever wanted to take a glimpse into a place you have never heard of before, or wanted to know about a place you have already been to.

The full colour photographs, pictures, stats, and illustrations will have you thinking to yourself “Wow, I never knew that before”.

Such things as –

  • what nations are the happiest and why
  • how much money is in the world
  • how and why populations rise and fall
  • even the chances of being killed by a coconut
  • what country will have you caught on camera an average of 300 times per day

The earth is a giant jigsaw puzzle made of what is called tectonic plates, and since the earth has been round, that they have moved farther away from one another, constantly changing.

Out of the 55 million people who die all over the world –

  • 59% died from a non infectious illness
  • 1% died from nutritional deficiencies
  • 25% died from infectious diseases
  • 6% died from accidents
  • 3% died from war and violence
  • 6% died from birth complications

Also, you have more of a chance of being hit by a meteorite than dying of laughter…The people who die from laughter die because of a weak heart.  It is the increased blood pressure and heart rate that kills them.

Did you know that when women have equal access to education, health care, employment, and power –  societies become richer, healthier and more peaceful?

Did you also know that 1 billion children are in elementary school and high school, but there are 72 million children that cannot access education because their parents are too poor to afford it?

DK Publishing

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