Mary Berry & Lucy Young Cook Up A Feast – DK Publishing

Are you looking for a cookbook that has classic favorites with a twist or creative new ones that will spark your inner cook as well as your appetite to be curious and tempting new flavours?

Look no further

For every single recipe, they also give advice on how to prepare ahead, freezing, how to serve with your mouth watering, full colour photographs for easy lunches, elegant dinner parties, festive family gatherings, and parties for a crowd of people.

Mary and Lucy stress that they want you to enjoy yourself, so there are plenty of suggestions on how to stay organizied, and to do as much as you can beforehand, so that you are calm once everyone arrives.

I have to admit, when I received the book, my mouth started immediately watering just at the pictures of the recipes featured in the book.

So, take the stress out of entertaining !

I have to say, I will be making that cheesecake that is featured on the cover, doesn’t it look incredibly sumptuous ?

DK Publishing

Mary Berry’s Website

Lucy Young’s Website

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