The New Encyclopedia of The Cat – The Definitive Visual Guide – Dr. Bruce Fogle

Did you know that when Jesus was born in the stable, a litter of kittens were born?  That when they were born, they all had a cross on their backs? Or that cats have the knowledge of knowing the path back to the garden of Eden?

Cats past and present – past about how one sub-species of a wildcat developed a tolerance to living near humans to become what we know now as the domestic cat we now know and love.

Every aspect of the cat is covered from cat worship, culture, folklore, literature and art.

The visual breeding guide which covers 75 of the worlds best known cat breeds with full figure portraits, key facets, varieties, ancestry, breed standards, as well as temperament are covered in full colour illustrations and graphs.

Along with all of that comes a complete care guide, anatomy (skeleton & nervous system) to hormones and genes.

Advice on health, grooming, and responsible rounds out the really incredible book, and such topics as instincts, hunting, socializing and of course mating habits which are unique to cats are also covered in detail.

So, this is for the cat lover, this is one amazing book.  Nick has been looking at it from cover to cover and I have been oohing and aweing at the amount of detail and information that is in this book.

Just so happens that Dr. Bruce Fogle who put this book together is a Canadian veterinarian

DK Publishing

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