The Practical Naturalist – Audubon, DK Publishing

Have you ever walked around in the forest at anytime of the year and came across something that captured your interest like what it was named the peaked your interest that you wanted to learn something new?

The practical Naturalist is here to help you do that.

Produced in part with the Audubon Society, this is your guide to exploring any area that you may find yourself in.

From the beginnings of life, weather, close to home or on a sea-coast just to mention a few of the areas covered in inside the pages, this amazing book will have you oohing and aweing and learning new things for a long time to come.

Foliage, Fauna, wood forests to Deserts there is a bit of everything no matter the area you are in or about to experience.

Not only will you have a deeper understanding of how nature really works, you will be more fascinated than ever before.

This indispensible book is for those are at the beginning of their quest or for ones that are seasoned wildlife lovers.

DK Publishing

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