The Practical Astronomer – Explore The Wonders of The Night Sky – DK Publishing

Have you ever laid on the grass or even on the beach late at night gazing at the sky and the stars, watching the night sky wondering what exactly is out there in space?

Or even when you see a falling star flaring across the sky?

The practical astronomer will help you demystify the night sky, help you recognize and identify features by eye or using binoculars or even a telescope, even how to take your own pictures.

I am personally mystified by the night sky, especially after being able to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) when I lived in Northern British Columbia closer than I have ever seen it before made me more awestruck and curious about space, the sky, and what happens way up there.

This book also includes –

  • clear star charts showing major constellations
  • helping you to navigate through or between constellations
  • look at the night sky and know what to expect month by month
  • detailed atlases
  • demystify phenomena such as eclipses, chemistry, physics, planets, comets, stars and nebulae
  • the possibility of life beyond
  • how to buy and use telescopes
  • how to sketch observations

DK Publishing

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