Yoga – Your Home Practice Companion – Sivanda Yoga Vedanta Center, DK Publishing

Offers a complete lifestyle guide to gaining a supple, healthy body and contented mind.

Did you know that yoga improves your mood, relieves stress, but also brings suppleness to your body?

With the 12 classic poses, you will discover physical and mental benefits as well as improving your practice.  There are also extra poses included in the book with variations for further stretching and to challenge your body.

Unique visuals at a glance for different intervals of 20, 40, and 60 minute  sessions depending on how long you want to practice on a particular day or how much time you can spare.

Energize your self and lower everyday stress with breathing and relaxation techniques.

Also included is a whole way of living – eating healthier with nutritious recipes included in the back of the book along with a diet plan that will help you on your journey to the fullest.

The full colour photographs and illustrations give a glimpse inside your body showing you what muscles and parts of your body you are working during a specific pose, with detailed explanations.

I received this book intending on starting off slow, but once I got the news that I have a serious back problem, it has taken a back seat for now, but once I am on the mend, I fully intend on giving this wonderful book a try.

DK Publishing

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