The Reading Pillow

Well, I have been busy the last few days going to the fabric store, getting materials for my latest project.  I have finished one, and another is on its way to being finished.  I have seen the pattern for these online and was intrigued by them, so finally purchased the pattern, got the things I needed to buy, and went to work.

This is the finished product of one –

Here is the second finished pillow –

I think it had taken more time at the sewing machine than anything else, to make sure none of the seams and piping (which was handmade by yours truly) was showing anywhere where it shouldn’t.  But, all in all I am proud of a job well done.  There is one more in the works, that I thought I would have finished as well, but, I needed a break from sitting at the sewing machine, it will be finished tomorrow.

So, what do you think?


5 thoughts on “The Reading Pillow

  1. I think the handmade piping, and my machine deciding to do other things instead of sewing were the main pain in the butts !

    But it was fun making them, for sure !

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