Juliet – Anne Fortier

Of all the love stories ever told, Hers is perhaps the most famous.

To me, she is the key to my families fate.

To you, she is Juliet.

Julie Jacobs is doing her normal everyday things – working, eating, sleeping.  It is when her beloved Aunt dies and bequests a safe deposit box key in her will to her which is in Siena, Italy;  which could contain a family treasure which has been lost for decades.  She is told it could change her life forever.

Julie is drawn into the journey of one of the most famous plays ever written, and re written over time made famous by William Shakespeare, the history of her ancestor Giulietta, whose love for a man named Romeo turns the medieval town on its end.

As she gathers more information,  clues, past, legend, the trail becomes treacherous and at times even deadly as she deciphers them –  clues, writings, as well as the journey to what happened so long ago which affects her life in the present day.

As well as the old curse “A Plague on both your houses” between 2 families still has its hold on each of them, until of course if she finds the treasure or dies trying.  Will she find her one true love as well?

I loved this book.  Full of present day, the past, potions, curses, medieval wedding rituals, not to mention the beautiful,  breathtaking scenery and history of Siena, Italy.

Is love strong enough to conquer even death?

For any woman who is a fan of the historical, romantic, thriller genres, you will love this novel as much as I did, possibly even more!


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6 thoughts on “Juliet – Anne Fortier

    • Well, Between being in a reading funk the last I have to admit 6 months, it was one of the books I really enjoyed without having to really try my hardest to just finish it.

      I am really hoping that I am out of this funk, because it sure sucks !

  1. Nice review Marci! I really enjoyed the book and I’m glad you did too. I hope you get out of your reading funk. I agree it sucks!

    I hadn’t thought about this book being just for women, but your recommendation has me wondering what a man would think of the story. There have to be men who enjoy “Romeo and Juliet”, no? Perhaps they’d love the historical aspect of this book?

    • Thanks Marie !

      I am torn about it being just for women or for anyone, I thought about it and thought about it, and I still don’t really have any firm decision. I wonder what a man would think of the book too, or his interpretation of Romeo and Juliet…..

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