The Messenger of Athens – Anne Zouroudi

It’s present day on the remote Greek Island of Thiminos, where time is nearly at a standstill unaffected by anything going on in the modern world, where everyday is the same.

Until that is, a woman’s body is found and recovered at the foot of a cliff.  She is one of the residents on the island.

When an investigator arrives from the mainland, who is mostly uninvited to investigate.  He stays regardless of what the residents think to find out what actually happened to her any the reasons behind it.

At first, It’s been deemed a suicide, but the new investigator thinks differently.

His methods seem unorthodox at first, the residents recall the woman, who was married to one of the islands fisherman, who takes long journeys out to the sea to make a living, to come back to find his wife dead.  Devastating isn’t the word for such a thing, but, the residents and a few key people know differently, but they aren’t talking.  The rumours fly back and forth, changing all the time.

Getting through to the residents will be as hard as trying to cut through the toughest of shells.

This novel will have you in its clutches and won’t let you go until it decides to.  The story of the woman, the residents of the island who want their past and present kept secret, the investigator who also has a mysterious past as well all come into play as the cunning, seductive, secretive way writing the author envelopes you amid the beauty of one of the many Greek Islands.

I simply adored this book. As well as the conclusion.

Hachette / Reagan Arthur

Download the Reading Group Guide (.PDF)


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