The Stuff That Never Happened – Maddie Dawson

Has there ever been a time in your life where you were in love with 2 men at the same time for different reasons?  Or married to one man and then fall head over heels for another ?

Meet Annabel McKay.

She’s been married to Grant for the last 26 or so years, but when their children have grown up and left home to pursue their own adult lives, home doesn’t seem the same as it had in the past.  Call it empty nest syndrome or what have you, but Annabel has been thinking about this lately, right down to their Wednesday morning sex appointments, since Grant is busily writing his latest Labour book.

She truly does love Grant, and his eccentricities, but at tone time there was another man in the picture who shook her to the core with his zest for life and the love he showered upon her.  Did I mention they were both married at the time – Annabel recently married to Grant and her lover his boss at Columbia University?

That is until they planned behind their partners backs they would leave one another’s spouses for each other all those years ago.

That is until Annabel runs into  him again as she cares for her pregnant daughter who is experiencing complication while living in New York, where they originally fell in love, all of those feelings of love as well as the exhilaration come flooding back to her when she spots him in a market.  Did she make a mistake, did she make the right choice all those many years ago, does it make any difference now?

At first, I wasn’t sure about this novel, but as I started it, I became more and more curious as to how things would turn out.  Her daughter is having similar relationship issues with her own husband who is in another country filming a documentary, who isn’t with her as the pregnancy complications occur.  Or what would even happen in the end.  Will Annabel choose between Grant and Jeremiah?  Is that spark that was once there reignite, will she make the right choice?  Will the spark that once had them headlong into divorce fizzle out and ultimately go out for good?

Many people are facing such fears nowadays.  Being comfortable in their lives, or not so comfortable, when an old flame comes into the picture given the amount of social sites such a Facebook reunite you with old high school friends and colleagues from the past.  Some very well may indeed happen, some won’t.

The question remains is this – Would you leave your current relationship you are in for one that happened so long ago?

Random House / Crown

Maddie’s Website

Read and Excerpt


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