A Room Swept White – Sophie Hannah

When I first received the pitch to review this book, I was really looking forward to reading it.  Once I got it and began to read it, I was not feeling the book at first, but as I gave it a bit more time and effort on my part, I found it to be a great read.

I sis at first feel a bit daunted by all of the tendrils that the author suspended in my mind as the story played out, but, as it all came together it really all made sense.  Plus, the fact that there is a first book before this one had me at a part of a disadvantage not really knowing all of the other characters a bit more intimately.

Fliss is working at a production company when her boss who she is madly in love with suddenly resigns and she is left in charge of putting a documentary about parental infanticide ( where one of the parents commits murder to one of their children).  The mothers in the book were found guilty of committing murder of their child and in jail, who were then exonerated, released from prison and left to live their lives amidst the aftermath of what they went through.

You may have heard of recent real life events that have been publicized here in the last year in Canada of the same events happening to many parents at the hand of a pathologist who admitted he falsified documents based on his own opinions and not science.

If you have read the previous novel before this one, there are recurring characters that are back in this one, that you may know if you have read previous books of Sophie’s, I haven’t as this is the first of her work that I have read, but I will no doubly be reading more of her work.

Fliss doesn’t want to be working on this project at all.  A few of the wrongfully accused are found murdered with a quirky addition – a small card with a code of somewhat near or on the body.  Thing is Fliss has received one of two of these cards as well.  She may be next on the killers list, possibly because she is just associated with the case, or even her old boss who is being quite deceptive about his whereabouts when Fliss needs him most.

With the backgrounds of all of the characters explicitly intertwined with one another in flawless detail, this is one that will have you intrigued from page one.

**Just a note A Room Swept White will be published in the US as The Cradle in The Grave**

Penguin Canada

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Sophie’s Website



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